What is the “Certificate of Live Birth”?

A Certificate of Live Birth (COLB), otherwise known as the Birth Certificate, is a permanent, public document registered with the office of the Local Civil Registry (LCR) of the place where the birth occurred, containing vital data such as the full name, birthdate, birthplace, name of parents, nationality, and other information surrounding the birth of a person.

A COLB is executed in quadruplicate. One is kept by the registrant, second is kept at the LCR, third is sent to the National Statistics Office, and the last is kept by the person who attended the birth, such as hospital or a midwife, who are required by the law to report every birth attended to.

What is “Late Registration”?

Delayed registration is a process that a person must undergo if the fact of his or her birth was not recorded with the LCR of the place where the birth occurred.

A person must likewise undergo the process of delayed registration if the fact of his or her birth had been previously recorded with the LCR but the records have been destroyed or cannot be located despite diligent search; and there is no existing copy with the National Statistics Office (NSO).

What is “Endorsement”?

Endorsement is a process that a person must undergo if he is unable to obtain an NSO-issued COLB, even if the record of his or her birth are intact, legible and had been duly recorded with the LCR where the birth occurred, because a copy of the record of birth had not been previously transmitted to the NSO.

How would I know if I should undergo Endorsement or Delayed Registration?

If you are already in possession of a copy or a photocopy of either a COLB issued by the LCR where you were born, or a COLB earlier issued by the NSO, you need only undergo the process of Endorsement. If you do not have any copy or photocopy of your COLB, VERified will categorize your case as one for Delayed Registration.

Who is an illegitimate child?

An illegitimate child is a person born outside of a marriage between the parents.

What are the effects of illegitimacy on the Certificate of Live Birth?

If a child is illegitimate, the informant is prohibited to make any reference to, or fill in the details concerning the father of the child, in the COLB. In addition, the child cannot use the surname of the father. He or she will use the surname of the mother and will not have a middle name.

Is there any way that an illegitimate child may be allowed to use the surname of the father at the time the COLB is registered with the LCR where the birth occurred?

Yes. An illegitimate child may use the surname of the father in his or her COLB if the father executes and signs the Affidavit of Acknowledgment found at the back of the COLB at the time the birth is registered with the LCR where the birth occurred.

Who is an Informant when it comes to Delayed Registration of the COLB?

An informant is the person who applied for the Delayed Registration and is the source of all information contained in the COLB. The informant may be the same person whose birth is being registered belatedly or a close relative such as a descendant, ascendant, or sibling, who must sign the COLB.

Who is a legitimated child?

A legitimated child is a person who was born outside of a marriage, but whose parents subsequently marry. A person can only be legitimated if at the time he or she is conceived and born, no legal obstacle exists to prevent her parents from entering into a valid marriage.

A person who was born at the time when his or her parents were minors (below 18 years old), and who subsequently marry, will also be automatically legitimated.

Legal obstacles include, but are not limited to, a prior, existing marriage on the part of either the mother or the father at the time the child is conceived or born.

What are the effects of legitimation on the COLB of a person?

If a person was born and legitimated prior to the registration of his or birth with the LCR, he is considered a legitimate child and may use the surname of his father.

If the parents marry after the COLB has been registered with the LCR, the legitimation of the child due to the subsequent marriage must undergo another process of registration with the LCR. Before registration, the COLB of the child must be registered using the surname of the mother; unless the Affidavit of Acknowledgment is executed by the father.